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Get more STUFF IN next Thanksgiving Dinner !

Posted by changepro | October 14, 2013 0


Happy Thanksgiving from Change Promotions Inc!

Special holidays and long weekends are always a great time to reconnect with your family, friends and those in your immediate circle, also referred to as your Warm Market.

In business the term Warm Market is very important, as it also refers to existing customers and even referrals; So basically a close set of people that will be more likely to purchase your product or service just based on an already established relationship. Now all you have to do is inform them and leave them with some kind of reminder that you do that, that you have a business. Change Promotions Inc. provides several products and services to ensure that you don’t engage your warm market unequipped. Right of the bat, it is important that you have business cards or some form of stationary printed marketing material that you can give to them. Other then printed material that they will lose it is also important to have something that will constantly be in their face to remind them like a magnet for the fridge. It is very important to BRAND yourself as your business and ensure people identify you also for the products or services that you offer… And don’t worry! We at Change Promotions Inc. will help you with this as well, from Logo Design, Business Card Design, Magnet Design and Print; you will never feel like any function or get together that you go to is a waste of your time. But don’t forget, this is 2013 and there are also many other effective marketing strategies that can have you prepared for encounters like this with your Warm Market. To hear some great ones, just contact and meet up with us at Change Promotions Inc. as we are Marketing Experts and provide many Business Solutions for the Current Time. For example, we will help you weigh out the options of if a magnet is the best solution, since many people in 2013 are now starting to use stainless steel fridges, or… Just Give Us a Call or Reply by Email.

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