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Got Some Great Things to Share With YOU!

Posted by changepro | September 29, 2013 0


Its been a while since you have last heard from us. This is largely due to the fact that we have been working on projects that will provide VALUE to you in the growth and marketing of your business.
Marketing has a lot to do with planning and forecasting. If you take a look at our revamped community site which we just relaunched, it is built with the integration of a vast array of online marketing resources (i.e facebook, google plus, twitter, SEO etc…). What we do for our business in general allows us to keep in touch with all of our networks through one hub, which includes your business and the other clients that we serve with the business solution services that we offer on our website.

A key approach that will enable the growth of your business, is to “work smarter, not harder”, which we would like to assist you in doing. Our company provides a vast array of business solutions that will enable you to delegate various tasks that we would be honored to complete for you.
– We will rebuild your website to comply with the new web design/development standard
– We will provide any office supplies that you require without the inconvenience of having to leave your office,
and in case you haven’t been paying attention to our “BETTER PRICE PROGRAM”; which is:
– Our commitment to match or beat any competitors price on any print material or office material.

In other words. We are your *One Stop Shop*

We are approaching the 4th quarter of the year, lets make it the best quarter of the year.

Your Marketing Assistant and Business Solutions Partner.

Change Promotions Inc.

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