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Is your business on Social media?

Posted by changepro | June 17, 2013 0

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Do you have Facebook? Twitter? Linkedin? Flickr? Instagram?

Hopefully you are at least familiar with these social networking sites.
In this internet era, it is pertinent that you are up to the times with what is going on.
When we ask many of our clients these questions, a large number of them tell us.
“I don’t have time for that stuff.”

Are you the same, do you not have time to learn about social media?
If so, then you are blocking yourself out from so much business.
There are many people who are looking for your business,
and now a days people rely on the internet for their information.

If people are searching for your business online. How do they find you?

The answer is THEY DON’T!

They find your competitors in the industry who are online making easy money because
all they do is let the phone ring and they answer.


The answer is YES!

and if you don’t have time, then we will do it for you. REMEMBER we are your MARKETING ASSISTANT!

1. We will get you signed up for each program
2. We can write the content for you
3. We can integrate all of the pages together so that you can just post once and it will appear on all of them.
4. We can include a social media link on your website for more people to join your page.
5. We can do much more, just call us or send an email and we will get it done for you.

Enjoy your week

Change Promotions Inc.

To find out more about our services visit online:

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